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Admission Information

The time has come to make that decision for a loved one or someone you care requires the special attention that a Home Care center supplies.

What do you do now?

First of all, you must get in contact with the Simcoe County Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). In turn, they will put you in contact with a Placement Coordinator or another staff member who will help you through the various steps.

The first thing you should know is your choices and preferences guide the process. The CCAC works with you to plan the placement that is best for you or the person you care for. If your first choice is not available, the staff will help you find an appropriate alternative. The placement process is extremely fair, providing equality of treatment to all clients. It is a process that is culturally sensitive and respectful of the dignity and choices of each individual. In the event that you require services while awaiting placement, the CCAC will make the necessary referrals and connect you to the appropriate services and service providers.

There are three types of placement:

1. Long-term or permanent stay, the most typical.

2. Short-term, designed to support clients during recovery from an illness or to provide a respite break for a family caregiver. These stays are for a short, specified period of time up to a maximum number of days per year. A daily fee, set by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is charged.

3. Crisis Placement is the third type, when the client's support network has broken down and immediate admission to a long-term care facility is deemed necessary. In this case you will be placed in the first suitable facility that becomes available. You may transfer to another facility you prefer at a later date.

Below you will find the Simcoe County CCAC website and contact information.

Website: www.ccac-ont.ca
Call: 310-CCAC (310-2222)

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